Chapter 1 – Mandisa – High School Soulmate❤👫

My name is Mandisa and I am an artist, I started painting and drawing since when I was 6 years old. My brain has the power to see hidden things, but like any other human begin, I don’t have power to see hidden agendas. Anyway, I am about to tell you my story and how I ended up at the top of the tallest building in Africa, when suicide seemed like my only way out. I know what you are thinking, ‘She is a struggling artist and she is tired of trying to find her breakthrough’ well you are partially right but there is more to the story.

It was Monday morning, Mxolisi my boyfriend had an interview at his firm, he had applied for a Management position which comes with a brand-new SUV car and Penthouse, our lives where about change and they did change.

Mxolisi: “Good morning My lady”

Me: “Morning baby, Are you ready for your interview?”

Mxolisi: “Well does it really matter? I have been to these interviews before and they always take an outsider”

Me: “Babe, today is a different day, you need to be positive, I feel like God he’s about to answer our prayers”

Mxolisi: “Well if you say so”

Me: “We can finally stay at that Penthouse hey, I can have my own studio instead of painting at the garage”

Mxolisi: “I can see it in my mind babe, but I need to nail this interview first and I hope your presentation will change everything, before I forget; thank you for compiling my presentation”

Me: “We are a team, I merely put your words in visuals”

Mxolisi: “Thank you babe and your creativity”

Me: “I will cook our favorite meal, today we are not going back to the drawing board, today we are celebrating, I can feel it babe”

Mxolisi: “You have faith in me huh, even after failing all these other interviews”

Me: “These were your learning curves, they keep on giving you this opportunity because they have hope in you, today unleash everything in you and don’t pull back”

Mxolisi: “Yes, mam thank you for the breakfast, now give me that bite to wish me all the luck” We kissed and hugged, he was nervous, his body was shivering.

Me: “Listen to the audio I recorded for you”

Mxolisi: “Babe, they are too many”

Me: “Listen to ‘our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Inadequate’, is number one on the CD”

Mxolisi: “Okay, see you later”

Me: “Love you”

Mxolisi: “Love you too” He said before closing the door behind him.

Me and Mxolisi we had been together since high school, after high school we were both stuck, not having enough money for tertiary. Like everyone, we moved to Johannesburg for better opportunity. On our first year we were paying for rent with my art work and my landlord will then sell them at his customers at one of his Restaurant in Rosebank. Mxolisi was doing piece jobs that we could have money to buy us food and we survived. During mid-year we decided that I was gonna paint more paints and sell them at the robots and that’s when we realised that we could make more money to pay fees for Mxolisi studies as well as my online courses to enhance my skills and it worked, my boyfriend completed his BSc In Actuarial Science from University of Pretoria.

Well, let’s go back to that Monday, after Mxolisi left the house, I went to food market to buy fresh vegetables and went back home. When I got home I had a picture in my mind Mxolisi telling me that he got the position, as always, I started putting everything in the paper, it was the best sketch I had ever sketched. “I will show him after he have confirmed that he got the job” I thought as I was finish the sketch. When I was done with the sketch I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for us and before I knew it I was done waiting for Mxolisi to get back from work.

As I was watching TV I had his car outside coming in, I walked to the garage to open for him, “soon we won’t be using this manual garage and staying to this old house”   I thought to myself.

Mxolisi: “Hey Babes”

Me: “Hi babe” As always, I went to the car and took his laptop bag, then we walked to the house together.

Me: “So how did it go?” I said while taking off his jacket.

Mxolisi: “Babe it went well, I am going to get feedback tomorrow morning, I am going to be the first black person into the management”

Me: “I know babe”

Mxolisi: “Thank you for always believing in me”

Me: “Partners in everything right…”

Mxolisi: “Nomakanjani babe”

Me: “The food is ready”

Mxolisi: “Okay, let me go shower first”

Me: “I thought today we can take a bath together”

Mxolisi: “Tomorrow babe”

Me: “Okay, don’t be long”

After half an hour, he came back and we had our dinner. His mood wasn’t the same as he went to take a shower but I didn’t put much to it as they hadn’t told him if he got the job or not.

Me: “You have been quiet, is everything okay”

Mxolisi: “Yes, I am fine, I need to tell you something”

Me: “Okay, I am listening”

Mxolisi: “You know what, is not important”

Me: “Don’t worry, tomorrow by this time the waiting will be over”

Mxolisi: “You are right”

Me: “I sketched something today, with a pencil”

Mxolisi: “You have a client?”

Me: “No, is for you but I will show you tomorrow”

Mxolisi: “Come on babe, I have to see it tonight”

Me: “You will see it tomorrow and you gonna love it, I frame it tomorrow”

Mxolisi: “Okay babe, let’s go to bed, I want to be early tomorrow “

Me: “Okay, let’s go”

Tuesday morning, he left work while I was still sleeping, it was bit unusual as I would always wake up early in the morning to prepare him breakfast and pack lunch for him. But at the same time, it wasn’t that unusual as it was a big day for him.

That afternoon, I went to Rosebank to deliver some painting to my ex landlord, he was still getting my paints even after we moved out from his back room but he was paying for them, he was a client and a good one. I received an as SMS from Mxolisi just after requesting for an Uber to come take me home. (*”Hi Fiancée, I got the keys for the Penthouse, here is the address: St Mxolisi Estate, 1st Avenue, Morningside, meet me there, I am going to get dinks for us, see you”*)

Me: “Hi, I am Mandisa, is the a way that I can change my destination”

Driver: “I am Thabo, yes, what’s your new destination mam”

Me: “1st Avenue, Morningside”

Thabo: “Okay, I know the place”

We arrived at the address he had sent me, Mxolisi’s Polo Vivo was there next to the brand new white Prado, I got out of the Uber and run to the main door, I rang the bell for a while before he came to the door.

Mxolisi: “Hey Mandisa, what are you doing here” it was for the first time in so many years him calling me Mandisa. And before I responded, I had the woman voice “Hey Babe, who is at the door”

Mxolisi: “No one, I am coming just now”

Me: “What do you mean no one? What’s going on?

Mxolisi: “Why are you here?”

Me: “Babe, you sent me an SMS, why are you acting all strange? who is inside?”

Mxolisi: “Damnit, why didn’t you call me first? I sent you the SMS by mistake” I pushed him out of the way and went inside, the house was beautiful, I walked around searching for the voice I had.

Mxolisi: “Wait Mandisa”

Me: “Well you haven’t told me what’s going on here” as I was about turn I met the owner of the voice.

Mxolisi: “Mandisa you need to leave now”

Woman: “Babe, is this the maid they sent you? Do you want me to show her the back house she is going to use?”

Mxolisi: “Latisa babe, this is Mandisa, my ex”

Me: “When did you dumped me?

Mxolisi: “Mandisa, this is Latisa, my Fiancée”

Me: “Your Fiancée?” I said while giggling.

Mxolisi: “I am sorry that you had to find out this way but the SMS was meant for Latisa”

I thought I was having a nightmare and all I wanted was to wake up, I was confused and I needed answers.

Me: “Okay, let me get this straight, we have been staying together for the past seven years and now you are engaged to this woman”

Latisa: “I am sorry Mandisa, I know it is difficult to forget about someone you once loved but he is with me now!”

Me: “What do you mean he is with you now, Mxolisi, my paintings took you to school, my creative brain did your CV for you, and this house and the car is all me, it is all my presentations, my research.  When where you planning to tell me about this? Is this the reason why you left the house early this morning?”

Mxolisi: “Latisa babe, please excuse us, I will be with you in few minutes I have poured some wine for you”

Latisa: “Babe, but you didn’t tell me that you were still staying with her:

Mxolisi: “Babe, please go, we have been sharing the house together and that’s all”

Me: “Why are you lying to her, was everything a lie?”

Latisa: “Okay babe, you had a real psycho here, I now believe what you have been telling me”

She turned I walked to the east side of the house, her body was doing some vavuum as she walks on her gorgeous high heel with her royal blue bodycon dress.

Me: “Why are you doing this to me, where did I went wrong?”

Mxolisi: “I am sorry, but I am not the man you met in high school, my taste has changed and I had to be with someone in my league”

Me: Wow I cannot believe this, so you have been telling her lies about me huh?”

Mxolisi: “I am sorry, I have sent someone to the house to collect my belongings, they will leave the keys in the house, I have settled the bond for you and I have move it to your name, when you get home you will find the documents to sign, I have already signed my part, sign them and return them to the email address provided. With the job, I have I will be able to give you monthly allowance of R15 000 until you get your hustling together”

Me: “I don’t need your house or your money, you think your money is going to make all this right, I love you, please don’t do this”

Mxolisi: “Is done Mandisa, I am getting married next month to the woman of my dream, I hope that one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me”

Me: “Go to hell” I started walking to the main door” I felt like I was dead inside, as if I was forcing a dead body to walk.

Mxolisi: “Mandisa, here is the keys for Vivo, it is yours”

Me: “Fuck you Mxolisi” I said while breaking everything on my way to the door.

When I got outside I requested for an Uber to take me home, I was crying the whole way, the driver was driving as fast as I he could and I am sure he thought someone in my life was dead.

When I arrive home his belongings where gone, house keys and papers of the deeds for the house where there as he had said, just like that, he was gone. I went to the garage and ripped the drawing I had prepare for him into pieces, it felt good but, it didn’t make any better, the unbearable pain was still there, it felt as if someone was ripping of my heart into piece. I drank all the alcohol which was available in the house but somehow, my body was refusing to get drunk, I thought of phoning my friends to come over, but I couldn’t, me and Mxolisi we were their relationship goals, everyone in my circle wanted to me and Mxolisi.

I requested an Uber again, I didn’t care how much money I was spending on Uber since it was Mxolisi’s debit card connected to my Uber App and our agreement was that I could only use Uber twice a day. The driver arrived after some few minutes and took me to Ponte City, the tallest building in Africa.

When we arrived, then I found my way to the top, it wasn’t difficult to bypass all the security as I was also a street artist and I was used to breaking in into private property without getting caught. My mind was made up, I suppressed my thoughts to reason with each as I didn’t want to turn back from my decision. There was no life for me without Mxolisi and jumping was my only way to stop the pain and I wanted my death to have my signature as artist, I wanted the world to see my body lying down there, with my blood spilled all over making different patterns. It was my first time being on top of the tallest, even the people walking down the streets they couldn’t see me, I was already invisible, I looked around visualizing everything that I was gonna sketch if I had brought my drawing book with me. I walked closer to the edge then I had a voice. “Hey, wait” when I looked it was a young white man around my age, his skin was so red, it looked as if he has been crying but I didn’t care much about his problems, I had mine to end.

Me: “Just go”

Guy: “I almost jump few minutes ago”

Me: “I am here to jump and not to almost jump” I said while staring at the height between me and the ground and I knew for a fact that I was going to die, I wasn’t going to survive the Hight.

Guy: “I killed someone today”

Me: “Buddy, I am not here to listen to your issues”

Guy: “I killed a small boy, he was being chased by the police for stealing ball pens at the stationery shop”

Me: “Shut the hell up, the boy you killed he is at peace “

Guy: “My name is Michael by the way, you know, When I was about to jump, I thought of people who loves me, and that dying was just going to double their pains”

Me: “Well I have no one, you know I don’t know why he is leaving me, actually I know, people always leave me for someone better, 28 years go my parents gave birth to twins and they decided that they could only afford one child, so they gave me away, I spent my early childhood jumping from foster homes, they all kept on finding a better child and gave me back to the system, the only person I thought would never leave me just proved me wrong”

Michael: “So your boyfriend left you, so what?

Me: “Not just my boyfriend, I took him to school, though I don’t understand numbers, I spent my nights doing his presentations and research, I was there when he had nothing, when he used to wash cars at the parking, when he had one pair of shoes, I was fucken there”

Michael: “I am sorry but if you jump, if you kill yourself he is going to win, he hasn’t won, you hold all the cards, doesn’t deserve you, don’t let him win”

I sat down getting ready to jump, then it happened, my bum slipped, I was facing the building instead of facing the streets, he run and grabbed my hand, I had already let go of my right hand and all I had to do was to slip from his hands.

Me: “Let me go, there is nothing left for me, he was my reason to want to breath, he was my everything” I said before taking my breath.

Michael: “Give yourself a life, please, today choose to live, for my sake, I have already witnessed someone die today, please hold my other hand”

Me: “Please let me go”

Michael: “You said everyone has left you but I am here, I am here for you, right now is you leaving me, I believe there is a reason in everything, like both of us being here at the same time”

Me: “It hurts so much, I want it to stop, I want it stop”

I gained more strength, as I was about to really slip away he grabbed me by my clothes until he had both of arms, then he pulled me to the stop of the building, then drag me away from the edge.

Michael: “I got you “

Me: “What have you done” I screamed my heart out after realising that I was still alive and that the pain was still there. I was in his arms for a while just sobbing there. He kept quiet, it was as if he knew that I didn’t want to talk anymore. It was getting darker and I could feel his breath, he wanted to say something but he was hesitating. After an hour or so, he finally found the courage and break the silence.

Michael: What’s your name”

Me: “Mandisa”



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