Suicidal Carpet: Poem

The poem below questions self from all that he/she has went through, questioning one of why he/she wanted to commit suicide. The poem is of hope and light but many tales are told in it… The journey he was lost in. 

Lost on the journey...


How did I get lost?

Oh life,

How of a puzzle you were,

Simply luring me to a puzzled maze.

Or yet, a distorted valley.

Oh, beautiful life,

You left me in the wilderness.

Hoping to sniff my way back;

I remained a lost vessel.

Thirsting in these abandoned kingdoms,

Only dust to quench my thirst.

Thoughts of days of the past,

Crawling back to mind,

Hoping to resurface,

Surging with tides to my life.

In palms of reality!

It was rainy within,

Clouds drizzling, storms hailing.

Irrigating thoughts to tie the knot,

The knot corrupted with a crave for a drug,

A wonder ingested for eternal slumber,

Savouring the soul with immortal peace.

If not a seal of hope chanted,

Flesh annihilation was a guarantee,

Warrantied till forever comes to life.

Illusive imagination,

Erected as hope kneeled before pain,

With the foundation of darkness within,

Sketching a mansion to surround me.

At corner,

Light curved through to my darkness,

Sparking to my face, like an ignition,

Of Hard wiring a car to start,

With a spark I saw the smile of death,

Reflected from my thoughts.

Damn, it was all an illusion to eternal peace,

Death had tricked me.

Letting me cushion it so to resort to it.

Boom, that’s how I escaped suicide…lived through as well

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    3 thoughts on “Suicidal Carpet: Poem

    1. Wonderful work Reginald. Great choice of words and phrases. Very poetic.👌🏻
      The poem is so encouraging.

    2. Few things in this world are sadder than feelings of loneliness and of depression it brings,too often those feelings lead to the thought of ending those feelings.what a beautiful poem.🥺

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