Chapter 4 – Mandisa – Different Worlds


After our trip from Sabi Sabi I was distant to Michael, he wanted to see me but I would always have excuses, three weeks went by and I was still undecided if I wanted to take my friendship with him to the next level. It was Saturday afternoon when I met my friend Monica for drinks at Valakati street.


Me: “I just want us to be friend”

Monica: “My friend you know me and my failed relationships, I can’t tell you what to do but, one thing I will tell you is that true love is rare”

Me: “I am starting to regret sleeping with him, now I have just complicated our friendship you know.”

Monica: “My friend, take a couch, let me put my reading glass on”

Me: “Stop joking my friend, I don’t need your therapy, I just feel like I need to talk to friend about this, I don’t want to destroy my friendship with him”

Monica: “How was sex with him”

Me: “Come on my chomi, I am opening up to you and you interested about sex”

Monica: “I am trying to help you make up your mind here”

Me: “Okay, it was great chomi, it was out of this world and he left me satisfied, Happy?”

Monica: “Okay let me rephrase everything you have told me about this guy, he is concerned about your career and he has helped you a lot to build something of your own, he is a good friend, he is busy helping you find your twin sister and sex is great, my friend what more do you want from this man”

Me: “I don’t know my friend”

Monica: “Mandisa it has been a year, Mxolisi he is gone and he not coming back, you need to allow yourself to be happy”

Me: “I know he is gone and I am over him”

Monica: “Good, now focus on your future, you don’t want to have regrets ten years later when you look back to this day”

Me: “What if it doesn’t work out? I am going to lose him and our friendship”

Monica: “How will you know if you don’t take the risk chomi, are you going to be single for the rest of your life because of your fears or you going to be bold”

Me: “Let’s eat my friend, I have project I am working on”

Monica: “You deserve to be happy my friend”

Me: “You too, how is it going with that Venda guy”

Monica: “It is going well my friend; hence I want you to have a partner, he is sending people next month for Lobola negations and we planning to get married this December”

Me: “He doesn’t waste time hey”

Monica: “What’s with the face? Are you seeing a ghost?”

Me: “Don’t look, but Michael he is here, he is coming towards us” Then she turned to look.

Monica: “Yoh, he looks like Hollywood star, why didn’t you mention that his hot, is he even South African?”

Me: “Shout up” I whispered to her while taking a folk to my month without food, I was nervous and surprised to see him.

Michael: “Hello ladies”

Monica: “Hello, I am Mandisa’s friend”

Me: “Monica, what are you doing!”

Monica: “What? I am I not allowed to introduce myself to your future husband”

Me: “Hi Michael, this is my friend”

Michael: “Yes, she has already said that”

Me: “Sorry, I mean this is my friend Mo…”

Monica: “Monica, I am Monica, and I am her friend who want to see her happy”

Michael: “What are you girls talking about?”

Monica: “We were actually talking about you, my friend here likes you so much but she is letting her fears get into her, take a seat”

Michael: “Thanks, but is not my intentions to interrupt ladies chat, I am with my cousins, they are busy placing orders, I saw Mandisa and I thought I should come and say HI”

Monica: “No, I was just telling Mandisa that I have to leave now, I have plumbers coming to my house”

Me: “You didn’t tell me that”

Monica: “I did, maybe you were just distracted, where is that waiter”

Me: “I will pay, but ask her for a takeaway since you didn’t touch your meal”

Monica: “Okay, I love you, I will call you later” She stood up from her table to hug me.

Me: “Love you too” I said as we were hugging then she whispered, “Choose happiness, be bold”.

Monica: “Michael, it was nice meeting you”

Michael: “Likewise, treat my girl well” 

My friend Monica was the talkative one, even during our high school time she would also get in trouble for speaking up her mind, it was that that drag me closer to her, she would put her emotions in words and unlike me, my emotions were emended in my painting brush. She then took her food and asked the waiter for a takeaway before leaving the restaurant.


Me: “How are you doing”

Michael: “I am good now that I am looking at you, how are you?”

Me: “I am fine”

Michael: “I thought I was never gonna see you again”

Me: “Why?”

Michael: “You have been ignoring me for a month now and it looks like our friendship it is of  the past now”

Me: “it has been three weeks”

Michael: “So you have been counting? Are you punishing me for being honest? When does this punishment ends?”

Me: “I am not, I needed time to think about us”

Michael: “And?”

Me: “and I was also busy with my project for that exhibition I told you about”

Michael: “I mean what’s your conclusion”

Me: “I don’t want to lose my friend”

Michael: “You won’t, is your home far from here? I would love to see what you have selected for the exhibition, unless you mind”

Me: “No I don’t, I actually need someone to help me make up mind with that as well”

Michael: “It looks like you are indecisive person by nature”

Me: “Come on, let me finish my food then we can leave”

Michael: “Okay, let me go tell my cousins that I am leaving with my friend, unless you want us to go to them together that they can meet you”

Me: “Mhm, I will meet them some other time”

Michael: “Okay” He stood up and from where were sitting and went inside, then I started eating as fast as I could, at the time I acknowledge it to myself that I was glad that he had decided to come to. Few minutes later he came back with Thabo and two other guys, I was done eating, I took my handbag from the floor and stood up to greet them.


Michael: “Guys, this is Mandisa, my friend, the woman I am going to marry soon. Mandisa, meet my cousins, Joel and Allan”

Me: “Hi”

Allan: “So, it’s you? The woman that my little cousin is forever talking about”

Me: “I guess I am her,”

Allan: “Nice to meet you and welcome to the family”

Joel: “Nice to meet you Mandisa”

Me: “thank you, nice to meet you too guys”

Michael: “We need to get going, Thabo, please don’t let these two drives your car, I will get you guys at the house”

Thabo: “Okay Michael”

Michael: “Mandisa, let’s go”

We walked to the car and drove to my place which was about ten minutes’ drive. When we arrived at my place we went straight to my studio.


Michael: “So, what’s her story” he said, while looking at my paintings which were on the floor.

Me: “Who?”

Michael: “this paint, what’s her story”

Me: “I am not done, I am still working on it”

Michael: “Yes I see, but you have a complete story with you and somehow I feel like is interesting”

Me: “Okay, it looks like you are not going to back off, so here it goes” I said, I was somehow annoyed. “She is from a ghetto, she has been through a lot”

Michael: “And?”

Me: “She is deeply in love with her friend, the friend he’s from different world, here I am trying to bring out her conflicting thoughts at the background”

Michael: “So, she does have intimacy feeling for him and just friendship?”

Me: “Yes,”

Michael: “Does her friend feels the same?”

Me: “Yes”

Michael: “Then, why are they not together?”

Me: “She is scared”

Michael: “maybe his world is not so different from hers and why can’t they just be together, build their own world and make their own race?”

Me: “I don’t know why she can’t see things that way,” He turned away from the paint and walked towards me.

Michael: “The guy loves her so much and it scares him as well, he needs her”

Me: “I love you too Michael” And there I was, free of my own fears, it felt as if the chains of fear literally fell off and that I was no longer a prisoner of my own fears, he was looking at me with disbeliefs and confusion.

Michael: “I want you to be my best friend, my partner, my wife and mother to my future offspring, we can be the happiest couple to ever live and I know I keep on saying this but we can build our own unique legacy”

Me: “So, which paints must I take for the exhibition, I need to take them to the gallery on Monday.”

Michael: “You are doing that thing again, changing a topic”

Me: “I am not, I have already told you that ‘I love you too’ and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” He lifted me up and hugged me, I could feel his heartbeat and the excite from his entire body. The hugging went for few minutes before he put me down and kissed me.

Michael: “My friend I am deeply in love with you”

Me: “Let’s take this moment back to Sabi Sabi” I said, then took his hand to lead him to my bedroom then we made love for the second time, and believe me you, second time was so much better than the first time.


Me: “Hi”

Michael: “Hi”

Me: “Did I fell asleep on you”

Michael: “You did, you looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you up”

Me: “Sorry”

Michael: “So, are you considering marrying me?”

Me: “Let’s just say, I am willing to face my demons in the name of happiness”

Michael: “Great, I would like you to meet my family soon”

Me: “Why?”

Michael: “It is tradition, I have to introduce you.”

Me: “What if they don’t like me?”

Michael: “There is nothing not to like about you, today you met my cousins and you saw them how they were with you”

Me: “Yes, but it was for few minutes and they were drunk”

Michael: “You don’t have to worry, I am a grown-up man, how they feel about you is not important, it’s me who’s going to marry you”

Me: “Okay, but I haven’t said ‘Yes’ “

Michael: ” I have faith, is there anyone you want me to meet from your side?”

Me: “Not really, you met my friend my friend Monica today, she is family to me. And as I have told you, I gave up searching for my twin sister years ago, I am not even sure if she’s still alive or if she knows about me”

Michael: “I am sorry, do you really want to find her?”

Me: “Yes, my parents gave me away and not her, I am sure they had to just randomly picked one baby”

Michael: “I am sorry, but you need to forgive them”

Me: “I have never thought of looking for them, so how will I know they are sorry”

Michael: “You need to forgive them for your own sake and not for them”

Me: “Please let’s not talk about them, maybe one day I will find it in my heart to forgive them but that day is not today”

Michael: “Okay, the guy I told you about it is actually his job, you should give him a call, he might be able to trace down your sister”

Me: “I will think about it”

Michael: “Can we go to my place, I will take you home tomorrow after work or you can just move in”

Me: “Are you dying from cancer?” I said, while blushing to his proposal, I wanted to move in with him but it was too soon and I wanted to follow the society timeline or rather standards.

Michael: “Yes, if Love is a new cancer, I am dying and I think the cure is if you move in with me, then I will get to wake up next to you every morning. Tell me that you don’t want to wake up by side and I will stop”

Me: “I would love that, but I need to finish that paint tonight”

Michael: “Is her story going to end differently?”

Me: “It is”

Michael: “You really have to open your own gallery shop”

Me: “Someday”

Michael: ” I have space for your studio at my house, which will soon be ours”

Me: “So, my house cannot be our house but yours?”

Michael: “Babe, I don’t mind moving in with you here, this can be our house too or we can sell both and get a new one for us”

Me: “Okay then, I think it is only fair that I see your house before…”

Michael: “…We decide in our future house”

Me: “Something like that”

Michael: “Good, let’s dress up, we will bath at my place”

Me: “Okay” I said, then I started packing my items on the overnight bag.


When we arrived, the lady who was wearing a very stylish uniform came to the door and took our jackets. Before that day, I knew that he was staying somewhere in Johannesburg, but I had never thought he was staying in Morningside in a giant house, I knew that he was making enough money at his company but somehow, I had pictured him staying somewhere at the middle-class suburb. Classifying him as middle class was one of the things which made comfortable around him, but that night we arrived at his mansion house made of mostly glasses, it was as if we were at some  five-star hotel, and unlike my place, his house was neat as if no one was staying on it, there was no paintings peeling off on the walls or marks. Inside the house almost everything was black and white.

Michael: “Are you okay?”

Me: “Is this your house or guest house?”

Michael: “It is my house”

Me: “You stay alone?”

Michael: “Yes, are you okay? You look upset”

Me: “Why didn’t you tell me about this house?”

Michael: “I did tell you that I have my own house”

Me: “And you failed to mention that it was a mansion? I can’t stay here?”

Michael: “What has changed between the time when we left your house and this moment?”

Me: “Michael, you are rich, you are white and people they are going to think that I am with you for your money”

Michael: “Wow, said the woman who is about to have multimillion company”

Me: “I am serious, stop joking and even if I am gonna build my own legacy, people they are always going to think you gave me everything”

Michael: “I chose you, I don’t care what people thinks and like I told you; we can always build our own house and sell our houses. I know why you are here Mandisa, I know you love me, I know you have been trying too hard to hide it, you fell in love with me and not material stuff, please don’t look for a reason to AWOL on me again”

Me: “I wish you had told me”

Michael: “I think is a good thing that it never crossed my mind because I would have chased you away”

Me: “Maybe”

Michael: “I have asked Thabo to take my cousins to my parent’s house”

Me: “Didn’t you just said you stay alone?”

Michael: “Yes, they are just visiting from the state”

Me: “Okay”

Michael: “Follow me to our bedroom”

Me: “Our bedroom huh”

Michael: “Yes, our bedroom Ms Mandisa”


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