[To my unborn baby]

Mommy doesn’t know you yet I haven’t seen your face,
nor have I touched you but one thing I know for sure is Mommy Loves you so much.
I promise to love you with my life,
my soul & my everything.
I don’t care what people may say
They may judge me but to you I’ll be the best mom,
I’ll love, protect & show you life’s path
Baby the first time I was told I was carrying you,
I couldn’t believe it The first time I heard your heartbeat ,
I swear it was a melody from heaven As for the first time you kicked God my heart melted,
I cried tears of joy!
“Is that my baby communicating?”
Now mommy can’t wait to hold you To feel that tiny body against my chest,
as my heart beats of love
I can’t wait to hear your first cry and say
“My blind date has arrived”
You’ve made me a mom ,
And for that I’ll always be grateful.
You not a mistake,
nor did you come at the wrong time.
You are a blessing,
my greatest gift from God
Daddy is also waiting patiently,
To meet his little angel.
You’ve got two loving parents waiting for you.
We love you child.
Our unborn baby.
From: Mommy❤

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