Sovereign Hope…

We live in this realm hoping to see another day with dawn. We slumber with both eyes closed, no blink and no glim. That means an essence of hope roots itself to the soils manifesting within our flesh whereas the fluids liquidated from the hearts of purity quench the thirst of reality, letting all to flap hands in this pool of reality so none to drown down.

If hope was never a priority to this life, then fallen we would be like the leaves that glide to feed the roots of sibling plants. But we hope, our eyes dim hoping to see light once more when fogs cuddle the mountains, when frosts dress the leaves and stems of life. Hope is life itself, a commodity none like other, where slumbering not knowing whether the lids will slide open to see once more or close till eternity only awaiting times of an afterlife is gamble.

What next if there is no hope? What after if sleep is a gamble of life and death, where the resultant case is unknown, the probability of death and life being equivalents? What now if you had the chance to change what next? You see, life is a class itself, teaching its dwellers how to hope that tomorrow exists whence giving the mind peaceful thoughts to live up for another moment so they can dance with others… a wise man said nothing so they say. The realm of nothingness where only positive thoughts dance to the beautiful melody created by the drumbeats the heart harmoniously crafted so set your soul free into the hoping world. Where would you be if hope was never an entity we were all born with, an ignition put in our hands since before birth?

Always Hope because you are born of it…So live it, Breathe it and Embrace it!

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

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