Fools Gold

What will happen when winter rolls in
Will you blossom in color or wither like the rest

What will happen when summer rolls in

Will you scotch like ambers or warmth
What will happen when spring rolls in
Will your days become longer or rainy
What will happen when autumn rolls in
Will you change colors like a chameleon
I fear only one being, God
Yet the thought of losing you
Terrifies and paralyze me beyond the ordinary
The thought of you loving another
Frightens and turns my soul cold
My heart has claimed you the king
My soul has found its mate, the right match
Yet I know you don’t belong with me
For your heart is spoken for
Confusing I know, I confuse myself too
Claiming to love a heart that doesn’t beat for me
Funny, my soul cries out for that very being
Scattered hope, blissful ignorance

The truth remains,
You are the sun and I the moon
Destined never to be together
Both meaningful to the other, irrelevant.



    Brigida Imolia

    Brigida Imolia

    One thought on “Fools Gold

    1. Reading this nourishes my romance for someone unfortunately we in a deep crete of our love life..
      Fearing to lose someone makes you lose them but fearing God in your relationship fastens romance further… ❤️❤️❤️😇😍

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