Effects of politics on South African labour market

Observation is one thing that could help one to choose a right career which will still be viable 20 years later. With developing technology we have a lot of careers which will be rendered by the end of 2 decades such as Chartered Accounting because of rapidly advancing technology in algorithms.

With these changing times employment opportunities are limited amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, can this be a contributing factor to gender based violence?


Firstly you have to understand that South Africa’s largest potential source of workers is non-working women caring for their families at home, the so-called “Designated groups” as identified by employment equity Act No.55 of 1998(as amended) as blacks, Asians, Coloureds, women and people living with disabilities. It is of utmost importance to acknowledge the different generations that form part of labour force thus Traditionalist- born before 1945, Generation X- born between 1965-1980 and millennials -born between 1981-1999.


With these generations each having their own traits or characters which have caused a messed up system where Traditionalists whom according to surette Warnich(185) are technically challenged , preferring one-on-one Communications and Generation X whom also according to Surette Warnich (185) are constantly evaluating their career path and enjoy freedom in a work place are currently running the country in the parliament trying to address the issues affect the Millennials whom require flexible work schedules, telecommunications, instead feedback and recognition as per Surette, has caused high tensions in the country with everyone agitated and frustrated with these leaders failing to sort out their differences to help the labour market recover and serve the people. Some brave souls whom are fearing for their safety have taken to Social media platforms to voice their concerns and trying to hold the country’s leaders accountable for the by products of their actions one of the accounts on twitter is known as @uLerato_Pillay
https://twitter.com/uLerato_pillay?s=09https://twitter.com/uLerato_pillay?s=09 who is pushing the movement of #PutSouthAfricansFirst

    Jonny Lesetja Ledwaba

    Jonny Lesetja Ledwaba

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