Wisdom archived by the young ones


Art is a Perpetuated principle of life together with its ties and knots. Same to life, it is art; the likes of watching the sun as it sets deeming its rays as though hands of the sun were tapping on the shoulders of mother earth. What we live is art awaiting one or more great minds to imagine, to enter the void of imagination, a realm of inner visions that can only be seen by the soul or spirit. This is a journey of archiving life for generations to come to indulge and feed the mind and grow into more intellectual beings.

Meet Somisa Perpetual Hlangwana, a 19-year-old girl from a place around the outskirts of Tzaneen called Bolobedu. Somisa is one of the young Novelists, with her being in the journey of writing at a very tender age and by then she was in grade 9. Oh, by the way, that was when she started writing. Her work did not only revolve around novels but also poems which were one way of easing her pains. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Limpopo doing her 2nd year.

We sometimes aspire to be like other people but in other cases we tend to be come younger versions of them or even better, their versions of different genders. This girl perceived herself as a younger version of Mr Mashale who was an English lover, also a teacher, and she used to converse with him about what she loves and her work which is writing. Motivated by Gcina Mhlope’sTransforming Moment”, Somisa found herself eager to have her own book and by the age of 16 she gave birth to her own work “Caught In The Storm”.

Looking into Perpetual’s life as a writer, it can be seen that John Kani was one playwright who inspired her through his work. Perpetual’s book focuses on a certain young girl called Somi and the challenges she faced with time as she lived through in this lifetime. Her publishers are from Canada and this was with the help of William Bill Jenkins from Ottawa. Perpetual, Caught In The Storm is my first book which took 3 weeks to complete. This was because I had nothing to do by that time since had already finished with my examinations, but the longest process was editing the work which was about a month”.

Perpetual decided not to let her fellow earthlings go without any taste of advice from her and she said, “You shouldn’t wait until you are fully grown to fulfil your dreams because people get interested in knowing young people’s work because we are the future”

For more info or Book copies:

Contact number       :071 550 4693

Email address           :hlangwanaperpetual@gmail.com


    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

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