Trendbase Pty Ltd signs Blck Neyxion


” I fell in love with music in the presence of the Lord when I was a drummist at Christian revival ministries in Evaton north(Gauteng). Then the love developed until I grew into a Bass guitar when I won at motswako arts develop campaign 2010 so in my idle time I would just play around with house music until I finally decided to produce officially.” -Gift at an eye site he’d see Tumelo develop with sgubu in his church so he’d work with Gift when he produced house music with him, of which he officially worked Gift from last year as they founded Blck Neyxion together.


On the 29 August 2020 Blck neyxion has finally decided to sign with TrendBase Pty Ltd as their marketing, Advertising and Communications agency. From as of last night Blck Neyxion and Trendbase Pty ltd are in partnership



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