Finding yourself

We have been conditioned so much by our environment that, when we look at ourselves, we do not recognise who we are.

Between the ages of 1- 20, your life is very much depended on the culture of the people around. The environment moulds you to become a specific person. But there comes the point in life where one needs to find and define themselves beyond where they come from.

In trying to define ourselves, we still find ourselves in the shackles of religion and societal standards of correctness. The ages between 20-35 are regarded the most emotionally and mentally challenging as in the processes of getting to know who we are, healing our childhood traumas and defining who we want to be. We are also continually racing against the unconscious thought of “what does society and religion have to say about me “.

So many of us suffer because society dismissed our opinions, pain and fear as children, and as a result, we do not express what we go through. Also, religion said “turn the other cheek” teaching us to overlook an offence and suppress our feelings. We struggle to communicate anything because our voice was taken away at an early age; we sit with unresolved issues and questions which we struggle to articulate. Our depression rises from the suppression of who we are in the illusion to be religiously and societal correct.

Bear with me; I am not saying religion and society are wrong . I think we should look to define ourselves outside these institutions. Once we are confident and comfortable of who we are, we can structure the institution’s standards and principles around who we are. We need to unlearn things that do not resonate with who we want to be and start learning things that will bring us toward who ought to be.

If you look yourself in the mirror and do not like what you see change it. It’s going to hurt, you going to feel like quitting but it is all part of the processes of unbecoming to become. Let go of what you know and learn the unknown.


    Felicia Seretlo

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