Noluntu ❤ Chapter 4


Date With My Boyfriend and His Adorable Son


Qaqamba: “Hey stranger”

Me: “Hey, how are you?”

Qaqamba: “I am good and you?”

Me: “I am good”

Qaqamba: “I feel like we haven’t catch up in a while, so, tell me, where that is glow coming from?”

Me: “Do I look different, I just took a bath now?”

Qaqamba: “You do and this is more that bathing, if I didn’t know any better I would say you have meet a new man”

Me: “So, what time is your parents arriving?”

Qaqamba: “Noluntu, don’t do that man”

Me: “There is someone but it is still new”

Qaqamba: “My friend, you have been hiding from me for the past three months, you stay in Claremont and I am here in Sea point but somehow you have been making it seem like you are staying in George”

Me: “But I told you my friend, I have been working like a dog”

Qaqamba: “I hope the new man he is not trying to replace me,”

Me: “Come on, you are unreplaceable and he has not intentions of doing such. You know I am very protective of my garden but here I am letting use it for the party and helping you set up the tables”

Qaqamba: “That’s what family do for each other; you are their God mother remember!”

Me: “Okay, we are talking about Lufuno here”

Qaqamba: “Oh Chomi, why didn’t you just say so, I am extremely happy for you, but wait a minute, when you guys did started seeing each other”

Me: “mhhmm you remember few month ago we couldn’t go away because I had scheduled surgery?”

Qaqamba: “How could I forget, I was looking forward to that gateway for your birthday”

Me: “Anyway, the boy I was operating turned out to be Lufuno’s son, a beautiful soul”

Qaqamba: “My friend, three words, you’re in love”

Me: “I think so as well, I could have invited his son, Ntando, but your parents they are coming as well and I don’t think they will be pleased to have me in their company”

Qaqamba: “My parents they are no different from you, they are still mourning James and unfortunately they expect you not to move on as well but that’s their problem and you should have invited your stepson”

Me: “Come on, you are already calling him my stepson”

Qaqamba: “My friend, where do you think this is going? What will happen if he asks for your hand in marriage?”

Me: “Q, this is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you this”

Qaqamba: “Why?”

Me: “because I am enjoying this dating thing, and I don’t want to make major decisions as yet”

Qaqamba: “I here you, but me and Collen we have been talking about moving back to Johannesburg, there is more opportunities for us that side and most of our contract projects are based in Gauteng”

Me: “Then go, I am fine and plus now my gun is back, I can protect myself”

Qaqamba: “You didn’t tell me about this, why did you get a gun?”

Me: “For protection of course, is not like I am going to go around shooting people!”

Qaqamba: “Okay I am not going to argue with you, so you are okay with us going back to Gauteng”

Me: “of course I am, come here mama” We hugged, I knew that it was going to be painful and lonely without Q in the area, but I needed to move on, Q presences was always a reminder of how we got to Cape Town and I needed to move on from that.

Qaqamba: “Do you think you will be able to go fetch my parents at the airport”

Me: “No, I have asked Masa to pick them up on her way”

Qaqamba: “Okay, then me and you we going to make sure that everything is set here”

Me: “Okay mam”

Qaqamba: “So you really not going to stay?”

Me: “No, I can’t, I have promised Lufuno to take Ntando shopping, at his school they were casual and he doesn’t have enough”

Qaqamba: “Look at you, already playing mommy”

Me: “Come on, he is going to some rally, so he asked me to take his son shopping and I said yes, not a big deal!”

Qaqamba: “It is not a bad thing either my friend, I have been waiting for this my friend, to see you happy and glowing”

Me: “Let’s hope he doesn’t leave me as well, he makes me wanna live and to look forward to tomorrow”

Qaqamba: “He is not going anywhere, he is damn lucky to have you my friend”


We finished preparing for the party then I left to Camps Bay to pick up Ntando, you probably thinking that I am a bad person for choosing Ntando over the party, but here is the thing; I wasn’t ready to see them, five years prior to the party they wanted  me to rot in jail for the crime I didn’t commit, they were so convinced that I killed their son.  Anyway, it was a beautiful day, I was looking forward to seeing Lufuno and Ntando. Before I arrived at Lufuno’s house, I noticed a black SUV following me, well of course that’s what I thought, I took a right turn and another one again as if I was driving back to Seapoint, the car continued to follow me, I took the third right turn again and the car kept following me, I was getting anxious, I was annoyed, as I proceed driving, I took out my gun from the handbag and placed it on my car sit before checking if they were still behind me, they had stopped following me, I was so distracted that I didn’t even see where I had lost them. I took a deep breath and made a u turn to Camps bay again, when I arrived at Lufuno’s house I hoot at the gate, I didn’t even care that it was in the white suburb where they preferred to buzz at the gate, I hoot so hard and within seconds the gate opened. I drove in, as I was parking the car Lufuno came out from the house, it was as if he knew that something was wrong, but again it, I would normally buzz or phone him when I am few meters away and not hoot like I was a taxi driver. I jumped out of the car after the gate was closed and walked towards him, no, actually; I run to him.


Lufuno: “Hey you” He said, with excited smile, his smile wasn’t doing it for me, I needed a hug, I need some assurance that I was safe.

Me: “Hi” Well somehow, he knew what I need, he gave me a baby kiss before hugging me, the hug was so good, I didn’t want to let go and then he pulled away.

Lufuno: “Why are you wet, were you running?” He took my hands, I was sweating, and it had been like this ever since I lost James, my body would sweat like nobody’s business whenever my life was in danger.

Me: “Someone was following me” I said before breaking into tear and shaking, I couldn’t control myself and I didn’t care what he was going to think about me, I was scared.

Lufuno: “Come here” He said while taking my hand, we went and sat under the tree next to the pool.

Lufuno: “Babe, are sure about this?” he said after we have sat down.

Me: “I am, I took three right turns as my professor have told me”

Lufuno: “What are you talking about?” The way he said it, I could see that he was worried that I was losing myself.

Me: “To confirm if someone is following me, I always take three right turn to see if someone is following”

Lufuno: “Okay, I am not saying you are wrong but where did you noticed you were being followed? And where did you take your first turn?”

Me: “Just before the school, then I ended up at Table Mountain road”

Lufuno: “Did you pass the park?”

Me: “Yes” I said, then he seemed relieved.

Lufuno: “Come here” He said, then hugged me with his left hand. “Noluntu, I will never understand the horror you went through few years ago, but I can assure you that the car you saw it is one of the president’s secret service, his house is just before the park and that’s why you lost the car after your third turn.” Well, I know what you are thinking and you are right, I am very suspicious person. I didn’t lift my head up, my head remain in his heart for a while and I had no words, I felt so stupid for being dramatic.

Me: “I feel stupid”

Lufuno: “Don’t be, I understand and I am glad that you are a conscious person and today I learnt something new” Well, I found the strength in his words and lifted my face up to look at him.

Me: “What?”

Lufuno: “The three-turn trick, I would have never thought about that and actually makes sense”

Me: “I was so scared”

Lufuno: “It is okay, I cooked for you and Ntando, I hope you will feel better after my secret recipe”

Me: “You did”

Lufuno: “Yes, Ntando he is busy taking a bath”

Me: “Okay, I am thinking that we will go to Canal Walk, they have more stores for kids compared to Green point”

Lufuno: “Okay, I am going to come with you guys”

Me: “oh Okay cool”

Lufuno: “So you think I am being too protective? I can’t be certain about the car which was following you, my theory might be wrong”

Me: “No, I just thought today was going to be just be about me and Ntando, and what about you’re Rally”

Lufuno: “It is cancelled after yesterday wind, and don’t worry, you have already won his heart and I will give you guy’s space”

Me: “Okay, let’s go inside, you mentioned food and I am feeling hungry” He stood up and then help me stand up as well, we then walked together to the house.

Lufuno: “Did I tell you how you are gorgeous today?”

Me: “Not in words, but you did”

Lufuno: “Okay Doc, you look beautiful than last I saw you”

Me: “And that was yesterday and if I remember correctly you said same thing yesterday”

Lufuno: “And yet it feels like weeks ago” He said while opening the main door and letting me enter first, the food was smelling so nice.

Me: “Something smells nice”

Lufuno: “I am your full package Ms” Well he was right, my friend Masa always say, if you find a man who can cook and good in bed; marry him. And Lufuno was good looking and smart on top my friend’s standards, so I guess it was a jackpot for me.

Me: “You are really proud about your skills neh”

Lufuno: “I practiced all my life for you my Queen”


We were standing by the sitting room when Ntando came to greet me.

Ntando: “Hi Ms Noluntu”

Me: “Hey little champ, how are you doing today”

Ntando: “I am great, my chest feels much better”

Me: “Let me see” I sat on the floor to check how his second OP was healing and Lufuno started setting plates on the table.

Me: “It is healing faster than I thought, you are going to have happy and healthy life champ”

Ntando: “So, once I have healed I am going to go back to Johannesburg?”

Me: “Do you want to go back?”

Ntando: “Nah, I love it here and I have made few friends at school, I hope I will be able to play soccer”

Me: “That’s great, you will be able to play any sport but now is too soon.”

Ntando: “Thank you Ms Noluntu, can I ask you something?”

Me: “Yes champ”

Ntando: “Do you think you going to be my step mom or something better, I would like to call you mom?” Well I was stunned by the question, you see, I grew up watching my mom bringing different men at our home, some they were nice and I wished they could stay forever and become my dad but regardless, asking my mom or those men wasn’t an option, my mother was probably going to beat me up for even thinking about it and on top of that I wasn’t going to get a pocket money until I have learnt my lesson. I looked at Lufuno to read his expression to the question, he was bit stunned but he wasn’t mad.

Me: “Maybe you should ask your dad” I didn’t know how to respond and I didn’t want to disappoint them, so instead I made it Lufuno’s problem, after all, he was Ntando’s father.

Ntando: “My dad told me that women don’t want to be rushed, but I still don’t understand”

Lufuno: “Look at you two, is like I am not even here. Come, let’s eat” He said while smiling at me and Ntando, somehow he had decided to sit on the opposite side, as if he wanted to have good view of me with Ntando, his future small family.

Me: “This is really delicious”

Lufuno: “I try, I find cooking therapeutic, and you should try it”

Me: “I think theatre do it for me, and is not easy when you work twelve hours per shift”

Lufuno: “I can imagine, some of us we can put up with such hours”

Ntando: “I also want to be a heart doctor when I am an adult”

Me: “That’s my baby boy, our country needs more Cardiologists” Yeap, you see, sometimes our thoughts have ways of escaping our brain, then poof through our lips. “I mean that’s great Ntando” And guess what, you can never take words back, even by rephrasing. Lufuno smiled at me and then we continue eating, there was small moment of awkwardness.


Lufuno: “Hey buddy, please go grab a jersey, it might get chilly”

Ntando: “okay, dad” he took his plate to the kitchen then he run to his room, I might have not been able to give the answer he wanted, but seeing him running gave me comfort, I knew that I have given him his childhood back and that he was going to have a healthy life, I was just not certain about being his mom.

 Lufuno: “Are you okay?”

Me: “I am”

Lufuno: “I see Ntando beat me to it”

Me: “Please let’s not talking about this now”

Lufuno: “okay, I can live with ‘not now’ it means there is a room in the future to talk about this, I would love to see us as a family someday”

Me: “mmhm yah sure” I wasn’t sure if he was proposing, I couldn’t tell if he was asking me to move in or if he was giving me a hint that one day he is going to ask for my hand in married.

Lufuno: “Nolu, you have been a missing puzzle in my life, I know this might sound selfish, but I believe that I had to lose Ntando’s mom that I could finally be with you”

Me: “I also think the same with James but I don’t know what will happen if he is to suddenly return”

Lufuno: “I also don’t know, I did love Ntando’s mom, but one thing I know for sure is that I am crazy about you and so is Ntando” Ntando returned from his room as I was about to respond to his dad.


Ntando: “I am ready”

Lufuno: “Okay, let’s get going”

We left my car and took Lufuno’s car, it was still a beautiful day and there I was in the front sit and Ntando at the back sit with his father driving us, it somehow felt like we were happy little family. We arrived at Canal Walk mall and started by SOS boy-closet, Ntando was excited about the shopping and I was honoured to be there with him and his dad.


Me: “Hey little champ, are you read”

Ntando: “Do you think they have superheroes clothes?”

Me: “We are about to find out, pass me the basket, I will push for you, choose everything you like then we will go to the fitting room”

Lufuno: “Does he need to fit here?”

Me: “Yes, we need to make sure they all fit, come on, how you do your shopping”

Ntando: “On the internet”

Me: “Wow your dad he is really missing out, fitting and make up your mind on what you like is the fun part about shopping”

Lufuno: “Don’t encourage him to take his time, we can’t do shopping the whole day”

Me: “Mhm Mr, do we need to remind you that you invited yourself”

Lufuno: “Okay, I see I won’t win this one..”

I Smiled at him, Ntando had so much energy, he kept on disappearing on us then he would come back with clothes, dropped them on the basket and runaway again. I know I keep on saying this, but we looked like a happy family together. After an hour or so with Ntando running around, we decided to sit by the couch which was close to fitting room.

Lufuno: “What would you say if I was to ask you to be part of the family”

Me: “I enjoy spending time with you and Ntando but I just think that we might be rushing things”

Lufuno: “Okay, so I must postpone my proposal”

Me: “I didn’t say that, I love you and I think we going to be family when time is right or you wanted to propose now”

Lufuno: “Something is vibrating”

Me: “Oh is my phone” I looked at my phone and it was Qaqamba.


Me: “Hey Q, how is the party going?”

Qaqamba: “Someone followed me from your house, I had to go get extra ice and black SUV followed me”

Me: “Okay, are you okay?” I said, I was very calm.

Qaqamba: “Are you listening to me, someone followed me and they thought I were you”

Me: “I know”

Qaqamba: “Then why are you so calm? I am here shaking”

Me: “I will be back as soon as we are done here, continue the party, see you soon, I love you”

Qaqamba: “See you” she said then hanged up the phone.


Lufuno: “Is everything okay?”

Me: “Same SUV followed Q from my house”

Lufuno: “Jesus Christ, I am sorry I didn’t believe you”

Me: “It is okay”

Lufuno: “Let’s find Ntando, we need to get going”

Me: “No, we need to let him finish and then we can go”

Lufuno: “I am learning not to argue with you Noluntu but now your life is danger”

Me: “I am done of being scared, I am done of living every day in fear, rushing to my house won’t change the fact that someone is following me and I might as well enjoy every moment since my life is their hands”

Lufuno: “I can’t lose you, not now and not ever”

Me: “In the afternoon I was so scared and it got me thinking, I can’t continue giving them power over my life and no one can run away from their fate, no one can escape death” As we were talking Ntando returned back with some more clothes.


Ntando: “I think this is enough for today”

Lufuno: “more than enough, let’s go to pay”

Ntando: “But Daddy, I want to try them first, I have not fit them”

Me: “Fitting room first then we can pay, I know someone doesn’t like shopping but shopping is not complete without fitting”

Lufuno: “Okay then”


When we were done with shopping we went for ice cream before going to my place, oh man you should have seen Lufuno, the way he was looking around making sure that no one was following us, it was kind of cute, he was really worried and somehow, I felt more than safe.

We arrived at my place just before 6pm, parents have already pick up their children, it was just Q and her children as well as Masa, Q’s husband had gone to drop Q’s parents at the airport.


Me: “Hi everyone”

Qaqamba: “Are you okay”

Me: “Yes I am, this is Ntando guys, Lufuno he is outside making a phone call”

Qaqamba: “Guys, please go watch TV, grownups want to talk” She said, then her kids left with Ntando to watch the TV, you see; Q have always been there and very protective, she was always determined to make sure that I was safe.


Qaqamba: “We need to relocate”

Masa: “I agree”

Me: “Come on, you too Masa, no one is relocating”

Qaqamba: “Your life is danger Noluntu”

Me: “I was just telling Lufuno that I am not going to run this time around, I am tired of living in fear”

Qaqamba: “I can’t lose my friend, not after all the sacrifices”

Me: “And I don’t want you to keep sacrifice for me anymore, you have two children and a husband, those are the people you are supposed to sacrifice for, no matter what we do, we are going to die someday. You have said it yourself, your business is suffering after you moved this side for me. And you know I love my work and the people I work with, I am not about to drop all that because someone think they have power over my life”

Qaqamba: “Okay, okay, I hear you, so what’s your strategy?”

Me: “I don’t have any strategy, I am just going to continue living, I am in love with him Q, I am not about to abounded that, and Ntando needs me as well, I need to also be close by to monitor his health”

Lufuno: “I have the strategy, I have phone my friend who installed all the security features at my house, since I can’t change your mind, I might as well do everything to make sure that you are safe” he said while entering the kitchen, I wasn’t sure how much he heard, but he did hear enough.

Qaqamba: “I am glad someone is taking this seriously, when is the guy coming?”

Lufuno: “Now, him and his team they going to work throughout the night and I am going to spend the night here”

Qaqamba: “Okay, then I can go home knowing that my stubborn friend she’s safe”



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