Noluntu  ❤ Chapter 5 💍 

Lufuno had hired someone to install cameras on top of the electric fence, sensors and two dogs, he wanted me to be safe, it was too much and sometimes it was too much but I loved it, I love the way he wanted nothing to touch me, in a day he would check on me more than two times, sometimes I would just get his voicemail. We both had a monitor App on our cell phones for the cameras but there was nothing out of the ordinary, I would even check while I was at work, there was no one following me and there were no suspicious cars around my house so, after few months of waiting to catch the culprits we ended my believing that it all in our minds and there was never a SUV following me.

Sunday afternoon, I went to fetch Lufuno at Cape Town Airport, I was with Ntando, the boy I had grown to love from the first day I met him and before I even knew that he was Lufuno’s child. Lufuno trusted me left me with his son.

Ntando: "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I missed you so much, how was Canada, did you bring something for us?"

Lufuno: "It was great, missed you too son and yes, I have gifts for you guys. Hey babe"

Me: "Hi"

Lufuno: "Come here both of You, missed you so much, I have never been home sick like this before" He said while hugging both of us.

Me: "Miss you too, we parked at the ground floor, we will catch up on the way"

Lufuno: "Come let's go" Ntando carried his dad's laptop and I took his winter jacket from his hand then he took the suitcase then we went to the car.

When we got to the car, I gave him the car keys and we drove to his place, we were all so happy to be together again, and that two weeks felt like he was away for two years though we were skying daily. When we arrived at his place Ntando was asleep, I took the bags and Lufuno carried him to his bed.

Lufuno: "It looks like it is just me and You, so tell me, how much did you miss me"

Me: "You have no idea Mr. Are you not hungry, I didn’t cook, last night we used UberEATS?"

Lufuno: "I ate in the flight just before we landed but I have also ordered the food, I just need my future wife "

Me: "Great"

Lufuno: " They will be here soon, let's wait for them, then you can join me in the bath, I really need to bath, it was a long flight"

Me: "I missed you so much"

Lufuno: "Come here" He took my hands and for some few minutes our eyes were locked, then someone buzzed at the gate before he could kiss me.

Lufuno: "Ouch...let me go fetch the food"

Me: "Okay, I will be running the water"

He went to pay for the food then we went to bath, I had misses him so much and all I wanted was him inside me.

Lufuno: "Remind me when we are done, brought you guys some gifts"

Me: "Gift? What kind of Gift?"

Lufuno: "Something you gonna love, it is small but I had to get it for you"

Me: "Now I am curious"

Lufuno: "And The water is getting cold"

Me: "We can always drain the cold water and bath again"

Lufuno: "Very funny...come let's get dry"

I know what you all thinking with your naughty minds...yes, he went away for two weeks and we took a bath and just talk. I wanted him to talk until the next day but at the back of my mind I also needed him inside of me. We left the bathroom and went to the bedroom to dress.

Me: "Where is my Gift? I am dying here"

Lufuno: "Are you not gonna dress first"

Me: "Where is that dress I left it here few weeks ago before you went away? " I said while looking at the cupboard.

Lufuno: "Here, come get it" when I looked it was just him and his towel.

Me: "Come on babe; where it izt?"

Lufuno: "That Cupboard you are looking at is for my suits only and here is our closet" He said while opening the door to his study room from the bedroom, or rather what I used to know as his study room.

Me: "I need my dress and not books and doubt it if you have books for my field” When I went inside his books were gone and so was his study table and the rest of the furniture which were there.  He had turned his study room into a closet room with high class design if there is such. There was space for folded closes...skirts, short and long dresses, pants oh and one side it was for just shoes, it was beautiful.

Me: "You want me to bring some of my clothes?" I said while I was taking my dress which was hanging there all alone and he was still standing behind me.

Lufuno: "I need you to bring all of your clothes, Noluntu I am deeply in love with you" He said before going down in one knee, oh yes, all he had was a towel and so was I.

Lufuno: "Let’s get married, will you please marry me" He opened a small white box with a beautiful small ring and I was still trying to make sense of what was happening. Everything took me back to the time when James was proposing me, for a second I thought he was James.

Lufuno: "I am waiting, it is your turn, marry me Noluntu"

Me: “It is beautiful”

Lufuno: “And?”

Me: “Yes, I will marry you”

Lufuno: “Are you serious? You don’t seem excited!”

Me: “I am happy, just that I was expecting for a gift and not this”

Lufuno: “Do you want me to keep it?”

Me: “I love you, I just don’t want to commit to you then lose you”

Lufuno: “You won’t lose me, I promise, so can I put this on? I think it will look better on you than on this tiny box”

Me: “Yes, Yes” I was so excited and at that moment I let James rested in peace for the first time, I was ready to move on to a new chapter with Lufuno, he couldn’t believe it himself that I had said yes. He put it on my finger and it was a perfect fit.

Lufuno: “I Love you so much Nolu, I can’t wait to tell Ntando”

Me: “He will be so happy, last week when I went to fetch him he introduced me to one of his friends as his mom and I felt honoured”

Lufuno: “We are finally going to be a family, I am tired but this we need to celebrate” He said while kissing me, we went back to the bedroom and started making love, it was so good and I wanted to scream “Yes, I will marry you” endlessly.

Lufuno: “Hey my person”

Me: “Hey, did you also fell asleep?”

Lufuno: “No, I was watching over my future wife the whole time”

Me: “And listening to me while I snore, I hope you are okay with my drums”

Lufuno: “You make no sound, at some point I had to check your pulse”

Me: “Come on, let’s dress, I am sure Ntando he is awake now”

Lufuno: “You are just dying to tell him the great new”

Me: “You have no idea, I will also pas by Q’s place”

Lufuno: “I thought you are spending the weekend here”

Me: “I am, but I need more clothes, I won’t take long”

Lufuno: “I will cook for us, okay”

We both left the bedroom and went to thr lounge, Ntando was already awake playing his online quiz.

Me: “Hey, you are awake…”

Ntando: “Yes, I am”

Me: “That’s a great, please come sit here, we have something to tell you?”

Lufuno: “Hey buddy, what will you say if am to tell you that me and Noluntu we are getting married” Ntando looked at my hands and he noticed the ring, his excitement was out of this world, he jumped on the couch screaming.

Ntando: “Finally, you are getting married, you are getting married”

Me: “Yes, we are, soon we will be a family” he run hugged me so tight, it melted my heart.

Ntando: “I am finally going to have a mom again” he said with tears of joy.

Me: “You are buddy, I hope I will be the good mother you”

Ntando: “You are already good Ms Noluntu, I love you so much”

Me: “I love you too, I am going to Claremont to fetch my clothes, I will see you when I get back okay”

Ntando: “Okay” Even today when I look back, I still cannot explain Lufuno’s face in words, he was happy, excited with tears of joy in face, I guess step children don’t click with anyone, and Lufuno was very grateful for that and I was happy to be party of their family.

Lufuno: “Come let me walk you to the car” We left the house holding hands and just blushing at each other.

Me: “I will see you guys soon, I won’t be long”

Lufuno: “Okay babe, I love you”

Me: “Love you more and today has just proved that, I had never thought that I would find myself this happy, few months ago it was difficult to even see myself in a relationship and here I am about to get married”

Lufuno: “Feeling is mutual babe, we need to come up with the date soon, I want us to have our ceremony as soon as possible, before the campaigns start”

Me: “Good, the sooner the better because I want to see this face every morning”

Lufuno: “I am gonna run for president’s office, I will announce after our wedding”

Me: “I though you are okay with being an MP” I was bit disappointed, I wasn’t planning to live my life in the spotlight again and I wasn’t interested in politics, I hated politics, James had died because of writing what happens in the politics.

Lufuno: “You look disappointed”

Me: “I just don’t think it is good for both of us and our safety and the child”

Lufuno: “Don’t worry, you will still be a Doctor should I become a president, you will still be saving lives, and I believe that I need to be a president to save lives as well” He said while opening the door for me, I got into the car.

Me: “I will see you later”

Lufuno: “I will try and convince you when you get back and if you still think that is a bad idea then I won’t campaign okay”

Me: “Okay babe”

I left camps bay and went to see Q, I was burning inside to tell her, I was driving as fast as I could, I wanted to celebrate with her, I wanted her approval and to congratulate me, she was the only family I had, there just no one I could share the news with. When I arrived at her place she was with her husband, her children were already in bed.

Me: “Hey”

Qaqamba: “Hi Love, how are you”

Me: “I am great and you” I said while showing her the ring. She took my both hands and we jumped together like high school children

Qaqamba: “Wow chomi, you said yes, wow, I am happy for you, come in, you need to sit down and tell me everything, how did he proposed, when is the wedding day, are you guys going to move to a new house or you are moving to his house, are you going to officially adopt Ntando?” She was so excited for me.

Me: “Slow down my friend, mmhm okay, so he has been telling me that he bought a gift for me since last week, so the gift turned out to be a ring, my bright future”

Qaqamba: “And how did he propose”

Me: “Okay I went and fetch him at the airport, when we got to his place we took a bath together, then after a bath he took me to our closet room, I thought he was asking me to move in with him, then suddenly he went down on his knee, my heart melted, I wasn’t expecting it”

Qaqamba: “Well that’s not romantic my friend, but I am happy that you are happy, that’s all I want; to see you happy and safe”

Me: “It was romantic, just that you were not there, we were both still in our towels”

Qaqamba: “So he proposed and then you had sex”

Q’s husband: “Noluntu, congratulations, we are happy for you, I am gonna leave you two, I need to do some work”

Me: “Okay, thank you”

Qaqamba: “So you had sex afterwards?”

Me: “Yes and it was so good”

Qaqamba: “Look at you are blushing, I hope you guys you have more in common and that you are not marrying him for sex or because he was your high school boyfriend”

Me: “Come on Q, I love him, I thought you would be happy without questioning every little detail”

Qaqamba: “Believe you me, I am happy for you”

Me: “Good, we gonna get married soon, he has just told me that he will be running for the president office”

Qaqamba: “Everyone knows that he is going to make official announce very soon, we all knew this”

Me: “Well I don’t watch the news”

Qaqamba: “Or you guys just don’t talk about the important stuff, you are supposed to be the first to know this, I hope he is not marrying you because he doesn’t want to campaign as a single man”

Me: “Where is this all coming from”

Qaqamba: “I am just looking after you, like I have always been doing all these years, don’t you think it is all happening too fast?”

Me: “No, we have been together for the past seven months, are you forgetting that I married James after three months of dating?”

Qaqamba: “This is not the same, James didn’t have a child and he sure wasn’t running for presidency?”

Me: “You know what, I don’t know what’s your problem, let me leave you in peace. I will see you when you are ready to come to party and be genuinely happy for me”

Qaqamba: “Wait, I didn’t mean to upset you, this is just how I feel about all this and I am being honest”

Me: “well I don’t need your honest in this, I need your support, I need my friend back” I said while opening the door to leave, she said something but I couldn’t hear her, I was so disappointed, her approval was all I needed and I didn’t understand why she wasn’t happy for me.

Okay, so I left Q’s place and drove to my place, when I arrived, there was a black SUV outside my place, I was somehow very calm, I took out my gun and waited for the gate to open, I drove in and the SUV followed me, I parked into the garage and I jumped out as quick as I could, my gun was ready, I was pissed and with no fear. I needed to stop it all. A coloured man stepped out from the SUV, caring nothing, he looked younger and innocent but I didn’t care, I was read to shoot.

Me: “What are you doing in my yard?” I said with my gun ready to shoot.

Man: “Please man, don’t shoot”

Me: “I won’t ask you again?”

Man: “I am a massager”

Me: “Go tell them that I am not scared of them and make sure that I don’t see yourself ever again, because next time I won’t ask questions”

Man: “James sent me, he is alive”



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