Social construct waging war against men

Our societies are in a dire situation. Men are sentenced to prison daily over false accusations due to vengeance over a lot of things that include failed relationships and finance issues. This creates more broken men as the justice system fails them.

The social constructs of society depicts a girl child as an angel who is always be right. This illusion takes away the boy child’s voice, as, whatever happens between the two, he will always be wrong. We have normalized this behavior to an extent that we reprimand the male gender about violent behavior but we excuse the female gender’s violent behavior by labeling it as “crazy/psycho”.

This norm of social construct has given women leverage on men. Today we find many women crying false rape and abuse because of ulterior motives, knowing very well that the justice system prioritizes them over the truth. The justice system fails to hear the side of an innocent man, which is why we have a lot of men serving sentences to crimes that they did not commit. In such cases “innocent until proven guilty” does not even apply.
And do not get me wrong, I am aware of the cases of killings, rape and domestic violence women go through daily. But as a daughter to a man, a sister to a brother I cannot ignore the fact that false accusations against men at the moment are increasing rapidly. In the quest of the justice system trying to protect women, they have abandoned men and disposed them to being victimized. An abuse case against women is not treated with the same urgency as one against a man. In some instances, police officers will mock a man for opening a case of abuse against a woman. However, a woman will get a different treatment.

Our social constructs as a society are messed up, wrongdoing from either gender should be treated the same. From a young age, what we teach to a boy child should be taught to a girl child. The “psycho girlfriend” theory is a mask on abuse inflicted to men by their girlfriends. And it should be treated as abuse.

How do we expect men to heal and speak out if we are continually reducing them to less of humans from a young age? The equality that we cry for as women should be applied throughout the justice system and in how we raise both genders.


    Felicia Seretlo

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