An Apology To Death

Oh death,

Inevitability is your trait.

Pain your fruit,

Life is your stem…


I felt the lips of droplets,

On my flesh as it showered,

Cleansing me of the unknown.

It was rainy when I felt you

Leaving a soulless vessel behind.

Feasting as it calmly poured!


You come,

Yet you never tell.

You take,

Yet you never warn.

You pass,

Yet no farewell!


Tell me why,

Just… just narrate it

Why you come as a storm.

A tide you swirl as,

Not a breeze but havoc…

You take souls with you,

Engulf them from flesh,

Simply to blow away happiness,

But anchor pain as you move!


Our eyes have swollen,

Retinas are a blood river,

Birthing small routes to a lake,

A depot site of pain,

Cocooned within our hearts.

A lake we cannot quench our thirst from,

One that milks joy out,

Like a hunger-stricken infant…

Sucking his mother’s nipples,

Like a vacuum sucking in dirt…


Death, you are a contaminant,

Our breaths have been dirtied,

Battling this war to grasp pure breath,

A war to escape you…

We tire daily… digging away from you,

Somehow you always find us.


What have we done?

Oh death,

Your wrath is unbearable,

Slow cuts to the heart.

Our craniums have been pounding,

Our minds have been grinding,

Finely grinding thoughts,

Sifting them from sanity…

Should we apologize?


We have sought joy,

You dished pain…

We have hungered happiness,

You served sorrow…

Oh, what a misery to live in…

Where have we wronged you, death?

We are masters of mistakes,

Professors of wrongs…

Please let this one too…

Let It pass… forgive us death

You are strength!

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    7 thoughts on “An Apology To Death

    1. I could feel the emotions as I browse through the poem and I enjoyed every single stanza of it. This is a pure talent, by far terrific and keep up the good work- May indeed death forgive us🙏.

    2. I’ll always tell you that keep on this, your good man.. I enjoy your poems #im your biggest fan❤️🌹

    3. This is beautiful Reg😭😭😭
      This morning I took a razor after ,3 full years of being clean I relapsed

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