Mental health awareness month

The month of October has been pronounced Mental health awareness month with the objective of not as it was teaching the open around mental wellbeing but moreover to decrease the shame and segregation that individuals with mental sickness are frequently subjected to.

Mental wellbeing issues, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and job stress are common, influencing people, their families and co-workers, and the broader community. In addition, they have a direct impact on workplaces through increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased costs.

In the black community, few people seek help for their mental disorders, as mental disorders are still seen as a taboo or some weird witchcraft spell at times. Mental health problems are the result of a complex interplay between biological, psychological, social and environmental factors. There is increasing evidence that both the content and context of work can play a role in the development of mental health problems in the workplace.

The current state of the world has left many of us mentally challenged as most lost jobs, schools changed their way of doing things and workplaces also were affected. our everyday lives were challenged by the pandemic. and it is necessary that at this stage of our lives we start being conscious of our mental challenges and seek help if needed.

research states that like physical disorders mental and brain disorders vary in severity. There are those that are:
  • Transient (like an acute stress disorder)
  • Periodic (like bipolar disorder, characterised by periods of exaggerated elation followed by periods of depression)
  • Long-lasting and progressive (like Alzheimer’s disease)

Mental sickness can be treated at your closest clinic, hospital or healthcare provider. As TrendBase we care for your mental health and if you ever feel the need for help call the following free telephone counselling hotlines:

SADAG Mental Health Line

(011) 234 4837SADAG is Africa’s largest mental health support and advocacy group

Lifeline South Africa

(0861) 322 32224-hour crisis intervention service. “Emotional First Aid station”.

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