Noluntu Chapter 7💍💍

Ntando's Birthday 👨‍👩‍👧🎂

It was Thursday afternoon, three weeks after breaking up with Lufuno. My shift was about to end when I decided to go check on another patient before driving home. When I got to the ward the door was closed and before I could open the door I heard the voice of a male, there was so much emotions on the voice, then remember, it was the same voice I had met the previous day, it was my patient’s husband.

Husband: "I am so sorry honey, I was an idiot, I should have known better and you are here because of me, I know it took me longer to say this but I cannot go on like this, we cannot go on like this; tell me what I need do to fix this and I will do it, anything"

Patient: "You can start by coming me closer and hug me; I forgave you long time ago and it wasn’t all your fault"

Husband: "It was, my ego should have never ever make you feel unwanted"

Patient: "it is both our fault then, I should learn to pause and listen"

After that I walked away and went straight to my office, took the car keys and left the hospital. Before I knew I was at Lufuno’s front gate and before I changed my mind gate someone opened for and I drove in. I parked in front the garage, then walked to the main door, at that point I was starting to regret being there. I stood at the door thinking of turning back but the gate was closed, there was no way of turning back, while my thoughts were still negotiating with each other, the door open, I took a deep breath, and then I relaxed when it turned out to Ntando and not his father.

Me: "Hey buddy" I said, he let go of the door and then hugged me so tight and he didn't want to let go. I break the hug when I felt him vibrating, he was sobbing, struggling to breath and not wanting to let go, I was getting scared, thinking that maybe something bad happened to Lufuno and me driving there without planning it wasn’t a coincidence.

Me: "Ntando what’s wrong? did something happened to your Father? Talk to me"

Ntando: "I missed you so much, I thought I was never gonna see you"

Me: "I am very sorry, I didn’t mean to break your heart, is your dad home"

Ntando: "He is here but seeping, he has been sleeping this days, think he have not been going to work"

Me: "Okay, let's go inside, what were you doing"

Ntando: "I have been sitting by the window waiting for you and I have been trying to phone you with Dad's Skype but you never answered"

Me: "I am sorry, do you want to play your games with me"

Ntando: "I would love that"

Me: "Okay, let's go inside "

We went inside the house and Ntando went to fetch his puzzles in his bedroom. He came back with almost all the puzzles he had. It was as if he wanted us to play none stop and I couldn’t see that he didn’t want me to leave.

Me: Okay, so which are we playing?"

Ntando: "All of them if you are not in the hurry"

Me: "Okay, bring it on champ, have you eaten?" I said after noticing his dry lips which he was busy licking them none stop.

Ntando: "I ate my left over from my lunchbox"

Me: "Okay, bring one puzzle; we will play at the kitchen while I prepare you something to eat okay "

Ntando: "Okay"

We went to the kitchen, I looked for something to cook, knowing myself that I wasn’t a good cook, I decided to make him spaghetti and mince while we play the game. We had fun while we were waiting for the food to get ready, I somehow felt like his real, it was as if knew him since when he was a baby, it was strange but it felt is it wasn’t our first time playing that game.

Me: "Okay, here is your food, eat then we will play another game"

Ntando: "Did you left some for my father, he is probably hungry as well"

Me: "Yes, I did, listen; it looks like your father he is too tired, I am gonna leave soon, I will come see you tomorrow after work"

Ntando: "He will be so sad if you leave, at least go and say hi to him, please" I wanted an escape plan but I couldn't say no to Ntando, I was feeling guilt for walking away from them and I felt like I wasn't ready to see Lufuno.

Me: "Okay, I will go say Hi, "

Ntando: "Thank you"

I walked to Lufuno’s bedroom, when I got there he was still sleeping on his grey suit. I went closer to the bed, took off my shoes and sat in the bed and watched him while he sleeps peacefully, after a while I decided to lie there with him then wrapped my hands around his waist, I didn’t want to wake him up, but then few minutes later he decided to turn and faced my side, his eyes were open, he looked confused, it was as if he couldn’t tell if he was dreaming or if I was really there.

Lufuno: "Is this you or just one of my dreams, please tell me you are real this time around "

Me:" How are you?"

Lufuno: "You are really here..."

Me: "Yes"

Lufuno: "I am very sorry"

Me: "I love you so much and I am sorry that I didn’t let you explain"

Lufuno: "I love you too, staying away from you was the hardest thing I have ever done"

Me: "Are you not hungry"

Lufuno: "No. just stay here and I just look at you if you don't mind"

Me: "Okay"

We just stayed in bed, looking at each other, appreciating each other’s presence, we didn't kiss or have sex but being there on his arms was the best feeling ever. Just before 11pm he finally went back to sleep, I sneaked out and went to the car to fetch the ring which had been in my car the whole time. I put it on and went back to the bedroom.

Me: "You are awake"

Lufuno: "And you are still here"

Me: "Come, let's go to the kitchen, I cooked food earlier for Ntando" He just smiled at me and got up from the bed, he was still wearing his suit, so he walked to the closet took off his trouser and blazer and left the shirt on, and then he put on his short.

 He took my hand, then we walked to the kitchen.

Lufuno: "Are you going to eat with wine or I must make you juice."

Me: "Wine, I am not working tomorrow"

Lufuno: "Decided to take a day off as well, it is Ntando's birthday and I am taking him to Cape point"

Me: "That's sound nice"

Lufuno: "You can always come with us if you want, I am sure Ntando would love to celebrate his birthday with you as well" He said while picking up our food, then we went and sat in the dining room. I took out two glasses from the cupboard and bottle of red wine.

Lufuno: "So, are you coming with us.?"

Me: "Yes..." I said, he looked at my hands and smile.

Lufuno: "Thank you for wearing it."

Me: "I shouldn't have taken it off"

Lufuno: "Please promise me not to ever take it off, we can disagree like any other couples out there but we can never lose faith on each other; the love we have for each other is too strong to see it get waisted and I promise you to never be an idiot. I Love Noluntu"

Me: "You too, so tell me, is it too early to start planning for our wedding?"

Lufuno: "I thought you would never ask; you never told me which wedding you want"

Me: "Maybe we should talk about our budget first, don’t you think?"

Lufuno: "Any wedding; if you want Hawaiian wedding; you will get it; I will even make an island for you"

Me: "Be careful Sir, I might just want to get married I the space "

Lufuno: " I am not kidding babe"

Me: "Okay, I have always wanted African wedding and if possible; I want white wedding as well "

Lufuno: "And what's the different? I thought white wedding is African wedding?"

Me: "very funny, we must wear African attire on our African wedding, decoration and food must also be African"

Lufuno: "So, it will be like an engagement party?"

Me: "Sort off, but we will have white wedding soon after that"

Lufuno: "Then Honeymoon huh"

Me: "Of course" I said while blushing.

We finished eating and then went to bed. I didn't have my night clothes with me, so I put on his boxer and t-shirt.

Me: "So, I am thinking that we can go to Johannesburg anytime soon"

Lufuno: "Okay; when are you going to take off days? "

Me: "I am off, going back to work on Tuesday "

Lufuno: "Then we could leave on Saturday;"

Me: "I will buy tickets tomorrow "

Lufuno: "I actually have tickets for us; we will just change the dates"

Me: "Okay"

Next morning, we wake up and it was Ntando's birthday. Me and Lufuno made him breakfast.

Me: "Buddy I haven't got you a present yet; I said after he opened a gift from his Dad, it was an iPad which he could only use it for his maths tutorials, he was excited since he had been asking his Dad for a while, but Lufuno had initially thought it was too expensive and that it was going to make him focus in one subject.

Ntando: "I will get it in the future, after you marry my dad you are going to be my mom and that’s the gift I want" I looked at Lufuno and blushed and he smiled back at me with his dimples.

Me: "I will marry your dad any day, any hour" I said while tingling him.

Ntando: "Are you serious?"

Me: "You father must just pick a date and then we can go to home affairs.”

Ntando: "Dad; ask her to marry her today, now!!" He said.

Lufuno: "Let me make few calls; let’s see if we can get married today" he said while picking up his phone from the table then he went outside.

Me: "How does it feel to be eight years old young man"

Ntando: "It feels great; during my past birthdays, I was always sick and my mom was always drinking and shouting at me, Dad he was always busy at work"

Me: "I am sorry about that, but you need to know that she loved you so much; She had mental illness"

Ntando: "I miss her so much"

Me: "Don't worry; she's watching over you, she is at good place and she doesn't feel any pain anymore"

Ntando: "I know, at least I have you now"

Me: "We have each other buddy" As we were busy chatting, Lufuno returned with great news.

Lufuno: "My two people I have good news"

Ntando: "We are going to Johannesburg to visit my mom's grave"

Lufuno: "Better, we are going to home affairs today"

Me: "That's great, we can fly to JHB afterwards" I said after I noticed Ntando not being so excited; he wanted to see us married but he was also missing his real mom and I didn't want him to think that I was there to replace his mother.

Ntando: "Great, this going to be my best birthday ever, I am going to bath" He left us and run to his bedroom.

Lufuno: "Are you ready or Ntando who is putting pressure on you"

Me: "I love you so much Lufuno, not being with you for the past few weeks made me sick, like I was incomplete, it felt as if I was missing a huge part of my life, I need you as much as I need oxygen, both of you. The way I feel about Ntando is so different from the way I feel about other children, it feels like he was placed in my path for a reason, I feel obliged to be his mom, there is this connection which I just cannot make sense of"

Lufuno: "Wow, so I am not the only one going crazy with the connection between us?"

Me: "I love you Lufuno"

Lufuno: "I love you more" he said while holding my hands.

Lufuno: "Tell me, were those your vows? I still need to prepare mine" he said while teasing me.

Me: "My vows to you is that 'You made me learn how to love again, you reminded me that love is beautiful; we have long way to go but I promise to always love you and Ntando”

Lufuno: "I am blessed to have you in my life; I am probably not the most romantic man on earth BUT I can assure you that my love for you is legit; Damnit; I love you woman"

Me: "Love you, let's go bath, we need to pass by the mall; I am not getting married with yesterday's clothes"

After bathing we all left to the mall to get me a dress and shoes. At the mall, we were just in and out. On our way to home affair, Lufuno made a stop at Wynberg to buy me flowers. Him and Ntando were so excited and yet it was me who was most grateful to be part of their family, it was an honour.

We arrived at Home Affair then to my surprise, Lufuno’s lawyer was there as well. I didn’t understand why he was there, and somehow; I just didn’t like him.

Lufuno: "Babe, this is Joe, my lawyer, hopefully he will be yours once we are one"

Joe: "Hi Noluntu, how are doing?"

Me: "I am good, I thought you said we won't need witness" I said looking at Lufuno.

Lufuno: "Yes, no witness, he is here with the contract I asked him to draft few weeks ago"

Me: "Oh okay" we started walking to the building; Joe and Lufuno were busy catching up, I could tell that their relation was more than of just business. Joe took us to one of the office.

Me: "You are a lawyer and working for home affairs?"

Joe: "No, I am consultant here, I just want us to go through the contract then you guys you can go and do everything with marriage officer."

Me: "okay" we sat down and Ntando was sitting on my lap since the only had two chairs. Lufuno was sitting on my left-hand side, holding my hand.

Joe: "Have you guys discussed the contract? Or you need me to go through it?"

Lufuno: “We are getting married in community of property, we spoke about this?”

Me: "mmhm I really don't care if we get married in or out of community of property, all I know is that my heart is ready to marry him"

Joe: "Ntando, come with me, one of my colleague came with her son to work" Joe left with Ntando and to me it meant that he wanted to discuss something with us or rather to explain to Lufuno what he was about to sign.

 I was quiet, not really quiet, my brain was at work, I knew that Lufuno was making more money than me; I wanted to get married out of community of property, I didn't want him to think that I was there for his money but then again, I didn’t want him to think that I was expecting our marriage to fail. I didn't know what he was thinking and the worst part was that we had never talked about it before that day. Joe came back and started preaching at us.

Joe: "Noluntu, I don't know about you but I know Lufuno’s net worth, do you mind disclosing yours?"

Me: "Like I said earlier, we will get married out of community of property I know my worth is less than his, Joe, I am Doctor"

Joe: “I am just protecting my client’s interests and I hope you do understand”

Lufuno: "Joe, we spoke about this, we are getting married in community of property, I don't plan to lose this woman, I love her"

Joe:" but,"

Lufuno: "No my friend, there is no but, I am a ghost without this woman"

Me: "Let's just get married out of community and we can always change later, I really don't care how we should get married"

Lufuno: "We are getting married like any other people who have gotten married in the name of love, if you are going to move to camps bay, the house will be ours, same as if we are going to move to Claremont, the house is going to be ours"

Joe: "My friend, I think you are rushing things here"

Lufuno: "Please walk us the marriage officer's office; we have a flight to catch after this, we are not getting married to get a divorce"

Joe: "Okay, let me walk you to the office then" Joe was bit disappointed and I was hating him like I never hated anyone before, I wasn't rich like Lufuno but I was also not poor.

He took us to the marriage officer's office; the officer was there along with Minister of Home Affairs and we didn’t have an appointment so, it was clear that Lufuno contacted Minister to pull the strings at Home Affairs. We greeted each other and then sat down.

Me:"Where is Ntando?"

Joe: "He is playing outside"

Me: "Please call him, we are not getting married without him"

Joe: "Okay" He stepped out and went to find Ntando. Lufuno was catching up with the Minister and most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, I was clueless when it comes to our country’s affairs. But I was certain that the Minister was one of the people who wanted Lufuno to run for the Presidency.

Few minutes later Joe came back with Ntando and then from there it was just me and Lufuno signing papers, then when we were done the officer pronounced us husband and wife. And just like that we were married, I was Mrs Mulaudzi.

When we left Home Affairs we went straight to airport.

Lufuno: "Wait here, let me go get us the tickets"

Me: "Okay"

He left us sitting by the bench and went to fetch the tickets, I was over the moon, but I was feeling very anxious as if I wanted to throw up, I told myself that I was just nervous of seeing my mother.

Ntando: "Are you okay?"

Me: "I am buddy, I am overwhelmed, I still can't believe this"

Ntando: "Me too, this is the best gift ever for my birthday, can I call you mom"

Me: "Yes, but just remember that I will never try to replace your mom, she is always watching over you"

Ntando: "I think she would be happy to see me with a mom"

Me: "I think so too"

Few minutes later, Lufuno returned with the tickets of the flight which was already boarding. We run to the boarding gates and made it in to time just before the flight took off. It was very a shot flight, as we landed, I was very nervous about seeing my mom and on top of that I had decided not to tell her that I was coming and it wasn't like I had any means of contacting her. After landing we went and hire the car then we headed to the mall to get items to clean Ntando's mom grave and I also bought few items to clean my mom's house, Lufuno didn't get it but I knew my mother better and the state of her house, I can still remember when she had chased me out of her house, I would often break in to clean the house for her, she would know that it was me who cleaned the house but she was never thankful, but not that I needed awards, after all, she was my mother. And her favourite son had passed on.

Anyway, after going to the mall we wanted to pass by the graveyard to cleanNtando's mom grave but City of Johannesburg couldn't let us in as they were doing some work, I was actually glad, were all tired. So, we drove to my mom's place, we arrived just before 6pm.



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