Blow it away…Sail in it!

As life proceeds with journeys, we can only allow our minds to be blown by its diverse capacity to plot what we all wield. Life and our minds are both universes that remain untapped for as long as we are not prepared to dive deeper. This is the remainder of untapped knowledge, untapped wisdom which remains a huge portion of life. See, we impose an abundance of burdens over ourselves allowing them to sprout as drags being barriers of life, yet burdens have to cloak on us as properties to strengthen us.

We remain blowers of life, whence our hands grasp potency…

They said, “Life without goals is like a boat sailing on dry land”. The truth behind the phrase remains hidden within each soul, settling in its cocoon waiting for the palms to reach out for it but what continuously boil within is only fear to expand. Do not let life blow you away…do not let dreams walk out on you but blow away the negated traits you have coiffed behind your cerebrums and walk straight into the cores of the dreams planted in your mind. You are of purpose in this life, you are of importance…

Blow away negativity… sail in your dreams and never throw that towel away but wrap it around you…


    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

    Mothapo Reginald Khumotso

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