Whose shadow is this?
Who knocks at my heart?
Who paints me this pink hue?
Here he comes, an eyesight incrusted in gold
I am intoxicated by your love
My love is no secret,
The world and all those that dwell in it, tried to stop me
But look where love brought me
They say you enchanted me with your eyes
First you incapacitated my heart
Then you healed it with your love
Your love has become my sanctuary
Loving you is my purpose
Loving you is like my desire to live
Every corner is illuminated by your enchanting beauty
I am indeed intoxicated by love
Your sound is saintly and your love pure
You’ve become the source of peace in my heart
I have memorized you, like poetry
For me you’ve become like a story
Till the moment I die, you’ll remain a habit of mine
Till the moment I die, you’ll remain my intoxicating love

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    Brigida Imolia

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