The choices we make navigate where we go in life

The choices we make in our late teens and early 20’s lay a foundation for what our life ought to be . Yes sometimes life doesn’t turn out as we have anticipated, but usually, the work you put in determines the fruits you will harvest in the future.

As we grow we are made to belive that the ultimate goal in life in forming a relationship woth our significant other and living happily ever after . and that is why from our teens we start investing our time and energy in making relationships work.

Between our teens and 20’s is the time we are tryin to figure ourself out, trying to find our purpose and navigate our destiny. Now instead of taking all your energy and time in other people focus on yourself. Develop a relationship with yourself, establish what you want and work on it. The journey at this point is scattered and out of control, and you will continuously feel the urge to cling onto something which you can control and most of the time a relationship with another person is the closest thing to being in control.

And that’s why you find people constantly trying so hard to be in relationships, its because of the illusion of control . having something go your way. Chances are at this stage you will attract someone who is as clueless as you are with their lives , and two people who have no sense of identity and direction are bound not to go nowhere. Your ‘union’ is meaningless. So take time to get to know yourself and invest yourself. Once you are self-conscious, you will accept people who will walk with you in the direction of your destiny and reject anyone that doesnt align with your brand.

God said i created you for a purpose, find your purpose; it is something that you are guaranteed to find than a partner .”

“Time lost is never regained” is a saying we are familiar with. Nonetheless, you are never too late to make informed decisions to a life that you dream of. You might have taken the wrong decision prior, but every day is a second chance to make a change.


    Felicia Seretlo

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