To the voice in me

You and I have been together from the day I was formed in my mother’s womb until today.
We have had our moments: the constant arguments, the comfort and the everlasting love.
It still baffles me that even when I didn’t love or even recognise you. You remain steadfast in your love.
I remember This one time when I was in a very dark space; you strengthened me to keep going. Your voice overpowered darkness, and your light lifted me.

I am sorry for not developing a relationship with you, from when we were young. Thing is I didn’t know that we needed each other. I didn’t see a relationship with you, would be the beginning of me loving myself, appreciating my flaws and building boundaries. I speak with awe as I marvel on the great team we are.

No words can explain my gratitude to how you fought to keep me alive even when I was ready to drug and hang myself.


    Felicia Seretlo

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