It chuckles loudly,
leaving the stomach turning in anticipation.
the tracks shake under its presence,
passengers holding on for dear life.
Steel so cold no one wishes to lean on it.

it carries my lover,
the woman that leaves my skin burning,
leaves my mind in awe.
it carries my comfort.Giving little away,
the heart is quick to twitch at the thought of her,
my skin longing for her touch,
my lips trembling at the thought of hers .
it slowly but surely brings home my joy and peace.

It came as a wave of emotions I couldn’t stop.
I found myself dancing to the song playing on the little radio
I found myself dancing all alone in the dark while wearing a smile upon my face.
I found myself dreaming of what the future might look like.
Will our story be like a fairytale?
Will it leave us smiling till we’re old and grey?
Will it be a story that one never gets tired of hearing?
I know we’re of two worlds but here I am dancing alone but with you in mind.
Here I am reminiscing of what it feels like to be held by you,
What it feels like to take in your scent that lingers on forever.
Here i am dancing all alone to our favorite tune but with you in mind.
Here I am dancing while carrying a longing heart.

Brigida Imolia

Brigida Imolia

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