Elias Thapelo Mailula

Elias Thapelo Mailula (Troglodyte)

A smile is embedded in his dark skin, completing his tallness and artistic zest. Elias Thapelo Mailula is better known for his great sense of humor and alluring charisma.
But Troglodyte, as he is fondly called by his industry fellows, maintains that he is humbled and introverted.
He cut his teeth in the public domain, and became a people’s darling, as a poet and stage actor known for his enigmatic stunts on stage. He is also a wordsmith, demonstrating wisdom emanating from both formal education and the University of Life.
Every time he ascends to the stage, souls get lost in hilarity and emotions are aroused. His versatility affords him context and relevance; sometimes he doesn’t follow script verbatim, focusing on target audience. That has helped him to occupy seats with the best actors in our country.
Trading in many aspects, he is also a master of ceremony. Troglodyte is a film director, scriptwriter, choreographer, mentor and advisor. He is passionate about community development.
He has trained various actors in stage and film industry and poets. He is also editor of poems for upcoming poets.
He played on stage for dramas directed by the veteran Mahuma Paul Rapetsoa, including Our Cry, Get Gown, Upfront, and Never Until. He was also in a stage play directed by John Kani, called Forgotten Prince. From then, he had his own production in Mankweng called Way Through, a theatre production.
He is the Co-founder of Dream Chaser Limpopo Talent Search, co-founder of Disability Dream Campaign and was part of a feature film as script writer.
He had an impressive stint at Radio Turf drama department as scriptwriter and actor, and did voice-overs for five years. Last but not least, he is former Coordinator at Limpopo Arts and Culture Youth Forum.
He currently serves as Event Coordinator at Troglotainment.
He graduated in 2016 in performing arts and holds certificates in creative writing, radio and television production, stage directing and acting, and computer science.
He was bred in a humble village called Kgwareng, Ga-Mamabolo in Limpopo.


* Poetry Coaching
* Acting Coaching and Directing
* Master of Ceremony
* Events Management
* Decorations
* Script Writing and Editing

Email: thapelo507s@gmail.com